BLAST may be a tool that you use all the time, but there are lots of parameters and options and you may not have the impact of each one committed to memory.  Sequencher Connections helps you do more in less time and compare your results.

Do you want to compare results with different settings? Do you want to break your search into individual queries against different databases? Perhaps something was recently published and is now in the database or maybe you know something new about your own data. Connections lets you run many different database searches at once, returning results as fast as they are completed.  Then you get to keep all your results and can compare them using the Schematic. The Schematic is a parallel graphic display showing your results across all your analyses for a single sequence in a way that BLAST can’t.

And if you can do all that with one sequence, think what you can do with lots of sequences in the same session.

If you want to learn more about BLAST and Local-BLAST, check out the Sequencher Connections and Local-BLAST tutorials.