How do I get a standalone license and how does it get installed?

If you don’t currently have a standalone license, you’ll get the Sequencher License Manager dialog when you launch Sequencher.  From this dialog, you can choose the option:

What is an activation key and how do I get one?

An activation key is a unique 16 or 20 character key that encodes the details of your purchased license.  An activation key is sent to you when you purchase Sequencher.  Once an activation key has been created, it is used to provide your customized license for validating your purchased copy of Sequencher. 

What is a software license?

A software license doesn’t require having a hardware key attached to your computer.  Instead, Sequencher uses a license file located on your computer to validate it’s a licensed copy.  

What versions of the Windows Operating System does Sequencher support?

Sequencher 4.8 and higher are supported on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.  Windows XP support was dropped with Sequencher 5.4.  Windows Vista support was dropped with Sequencher 5.4.1. Windows 7 support was dropped with Sequencher 5.4.6. 

How do I add restriction enzymes?

If you wish to use a restriction enzyme that is not in the default set of enzymes supplied with Sequencher, open a project and highlight the fragments or contigs for which you wish to specify a new enzyme.  Select the Specify Restriction Enzymes option from the Window menu and check the Allow changes checkbox.  You can then use the New Enzyme button to create a new enzyme record.  Click the Done button when you are finished. 

Does Sequencher import Vector NTI files?

Yes.  Starting with Sequencher version 4.9, MA4 files with all of their associated features can be imported.  Starting with Sequencher 4.10.1, Contig Express files can also be imported along with their associated features, quality scores, and trace data. 

Can I run Sequencher on a Power PC processor?

PowerPC was a microprocessor used in Apple Macintosh computers between 1984 and 2006.  Sequencher supported the PowerPC architecture until Sequencher version 5.0.  From version 5.0.1 until now, Sequencher runs on the Intel processor based Macs.  

Sequencher 5.1 is Available Now!

Gene Codes announces the release of Sequencher 5.1 DNA analysis software for Sanger or NGS data sets. Some of the new features include:

  • De Novo Alignment for NGS data
  • Multiplex ID Assembly
  • A new sequence alignment algorithm for Sanger data
  • A protein searching feature for any type of DNA sequence data

Sequencher 5.0.1 for Mac OSX (Lion) has been released.

Macintosh OS X Lion Compatibility is coming soon.

A new Macintosh version of Sequencher fully compatible with Apple's OS 10.7 (Lion) will begin beta-testing in September. Keep checking our website or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for updates on the final release schedule.