What versions of Mac does Sequencher support?

The current version of Sequencher, version 5.4.6, is supported on the following Mac platforms: 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. 

If 10.14 displays a dialog when you install Sequencher or the first time you launch Sequencher, please dismiss the message.

Does the Sequencher Server (Network Tools) run on Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)?


The current Sequencher KeyServer Server release supports OS 10.7 through 10.12 and will serve Sequencher 5.2 and newer.  It will not serve a license to older versions of Sequencher.  The legacy Sequencher Server, 6.2.1 (which also requires a Network hardware key), is available to support older versions of Sequencher and will install and run on Mac OS 10.4 through 10.8.  You can find this version on our legacy support page.

The current Sequencher RLM Server release supports OS 10.5 through 10.9 and will serve Sequencher 5.2 and newer and does not require a Network hardware key.

What is a hardware key or dongle?

A Dongle or Hardware Key is a small device which plugs into the back of your computer.

If you are running versions of Sequencher prior to 5.2, a hardware key is required for both Standalone and NW licensing.

Starting with Sequencher 5.2, a hardware key is optional for a standalone licenses, is not required for a network license after initial setup of an RLM License Server, and is still required for a network license for a Sassafras (KeyServer) License Server.  Licensing is controlled through Sequencher Server and Client license files.

I want to use Sequencher in the office and on my laptop computer outside of the office (at home, or when I travel, etc.). I don't have a hardware key anymore so what do I do?

In the absence of a hardware key, a standalone license must be tied to a single computer. If you want to run on multiple computers, you’ll need to purchase a license for each individual computer.  Installing your license on a mobile computer allows you to use Sequencher on the go.

Why is Sequencher in Viewer Mode?

Sequencher can launch or go into Viewer Mode (no printing, saving, copying, exporting, reporting) for any of the following reasons:

If your automatic evaluation license of Sequencher fails.  

If you have a standalone license and your license is tied to a USB hardware key and Sequencher has lost communication with the key, then you’ll be switched to Viewer Mode. Check to make sure that the key is still plugged in and lit.  Try restarting Sequencher.

What Mac Operating Systems will the latest Sequencher Servers run on?

Sequencher RLM Server will run on Mac OS 10.5.8 and higher.

Sequencher KeyServer will run on Mac OS 10.7 and higher, Intel only. 

How do I get technical support for Sequencher?

Unlimited Sequencher technical support is available to all current members of the Maintenance Program by email and by phone. We encourage you to phone us, but if you prefer email, please complete the form on the Request Tech Support page, describing your problem as completely as possible. Include your full contact information and your registration number, or the original purchaser's name. 

We also have a troubleshooting section as part of this FAQ that could answer many of your questions as well. 

When I start Sequencher, why does it take a long time to start?

One reason this could happen is if you have switched from using a Sequencher KeyServer-based License Server to an RLM-based License Server and the Sassafras KeyAccess program still exists on your computer.  If you will be solely using an RLM-based License Server on your computer, uninstall the KeyAccess program.  This should result in a faster launch time.

I moved my Sequencher hardware key to a different computer but get the Sequencher License Manager dialog when I launch Sequencher. What’s wrong?

If you have Sequencher 5.2 or later and you received a license that is locked to the hardware key, you must also install the license file as well as move the key to the new computer.  For information on activating Sequencher using your license file, see the FAQ “How do I get a standalone license and how does it get installed?” If you have the original activation key, select the 'I have an activation key...', and follow through with the license installation. 

I run my KeyServer on Windows, but I am unable to log onto the Server from other clients. What do I do?

The firewall in Windows will not allow a remote client to log onto the server unless you open specific UDP ports. Below are two links which document how to get to the Windows Firewall administration panel and how to open ports. The two ports that need to be opened are UDP 19283 and UDP 19315.