I run my RLM Server on Windows, but I am unable to log onto the Server from other clients. What do I do?

The firewall in Windows will not allow a remote client to log onto the server unless you open specific TCP/UDP ports.  The ports that need to be opened are TCP/UDP 5053, TCP port 5054, TCP port 50541.

When I launch Sequencher, why do I get the message ‘Sequencher could not obtain a valid license.‘?

You could get this message for a number of reasons.  The 2ndpart of the message will provide additional information on the particular cause, like ‘License has expired’, ‘Wrong host for license’, ‘Unlicensed platform’, etc.

I just got a new computer and now my license doesn't work, what can I do?

If you have a standalone license that was locked to your old computer, you’ll need to get a new license file that’s based on the machine configuration of your new computer.  Please contact Gene Codes Technical Support at for help with this.

Sequencher 5.2.4 is Available!

Gene Codes is proud to announce the release of our most flexible version of Sequencher ever!  Sequencher 5.2.4 combines support for all licensing options whether it's standalone or network, dongle or keyless. 

Network customers using KeyServer now have access to all the latest features:

  • Sequencher Connections - A whole new way to accelerate your analysis!  Perform multiple customized BLAST searches or MUSCLE alignment on single or groups of sequences.  View your results in webpage, text, or XML format all without leaving Sequencher!
  • Use MUSCLE to create phylogenetic trees that can be viewed in multiple formats.
  • BWA reference-guided alignment algorithm for NGS data sets.
  • Added GSNAP flexibility - You now have the ability to capture reads that didn't align, or even to select only reads that didn't align. 

When I click on the ‘’ link, nothing happens. What should happen?

When you click on the link, an email client window should pop up with the To, Subject, and Body all filled in with information Gene Codes needs in order to create a software license for you.   You’ll need to have a default mail client set up on your computer with the “mailto” functionality enabled in order for this email process to work.  Once the email is generated as a result of clicking on the link, just send it on.

What is Sequencher License Server? What is RLM?

RLM is a license management application available from Reprise Software.  The network version of Sequencher requires a Sequencher Server license file on the Sequencher Server computer with each client computer requiring a client license file in order for the License Server to serve licenses.

What is Sequencher License Server? What is KeyServer?

KeyServer is a license management application available from Sassafras Software. The network version of Sequencher includes a limited version of this software for managing Sequencher licenses on a network.

Sequencher licenses can be served over TCP/IP, AppleTalk, or IPX. Sequencher for Windows will work on a Novell Server network (although not on the Novell server itself), but the Macintosh version is not supported in this environment.

How is Sequencher licensed?

In Sequencher 5.1 and previous versions, a pre-programmed hardware key was required in order to obtain a license to run Sequencher.  Starting with Sequencher 5.2, all users of Sequencher will need a valid license file that gives them the ability to run Sequencher.  The license in the license file is tied to a Gene Codes provided hardware key, a specific computer, or a Sequencher license server.

When I start Sequencher, I see this message: Sequencher was unable to find a key. The program will run only in Demo Mode. What do I do?

This error message is possible for both standalone and network versions of Sequencher Licenses. Although the underlying causes differ greatly between the two license types, the error triggers because Sequencher is unable to obtain a license from either a hardware key attached to the machine running the program, or from a Sequencher License Server or KeyServer network.

I have updated my Windows Operating System to Windows Vista or later, and now Sequencher only launches in Demo Mode. What do I do?

The versions of Sequencher prior to 4.9 are not completely compatible with the Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista. If you have Sequencher 4.8 or earlier and are running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista, please either upgrade to a more current version or install the latest sentinel drivers from SafeNet.