Maintenance and Support

How do I get technical support for Sequencher?

Unlimited Sequencher technical support is available to all current members of the Maintenance Program by email and by phone. We encourage you to phone us, but if you prefer email, please complete the form on the Request Tech Support page, describing your problem as completely as possible. Include your full contact information and your registration number, or the original purchaser's name. 

We also have a troubleshooting section as part of this FAQ that could answer many of your questions as well. 

How do I find my Registration Number?

Your registration number will be displayed when you select About Sequencher from the Help menu (the Sequencher menu on Mac).

What is the Maintenance Program?

Gene Codes maintenance plan for Sequencher is an annual plan that provides you with valuable benefits such as unlimited technical support and all of the upgrades available throughout the year. When you are covered under the maintenance plan, there are no charges for overnight shipping of replacement CDs, technical consulting for sequencing projects, or rearrangement of your network configuration.

When you purchase Sequencher, you receive the first year's maintenance free of charge.