CodeLinker 1.0 is now available!

Gene Codes announces the release of CodeLinker 1.0, software for the analysis of RNA-Seq and microarray data.

With CodeLinker, you can choose to analyze your data with a number of different clustering algorithms. You can then visualize the cluster data with a variety of plots. CodeLinker also features Self-Organizing Maps (SOM's) and Principle Component Analysis (PCA)

CodeLinker also brings you prediction tools that allow you to search your data for associations and then apply those associations to new samples. You can use Sub-Linear Association Mining (SLAM) to search your data for associations and then use the associations to train an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). You can also explore your data with an Integrated Bayesian Inference System (IBIS) classifier to find patterns of gene expression, and then use those patterns to perform Discriminant Analysis.