Sequencher 5.4.1 is Released!

Gene Codes announces the release of Sequencher 5.4.1.  This new release adds features to Sanger and NGS such as:

  • Build GSNAP Databases and BWA Indexes that can be re-used and persisted with your project.
  • Sequencher is able to handle larger genomes when aligning sequences using GSNAP and BWA.
  • An updated External Data Browser that now includes a Final Run Status column that will report statuses of SUCCESS and FAILED.
  • An updated External Data Browser that includes run results for new DNA-Seq options for GSNAP Databases and BWA Indexes.
  • Sequencher Connections now offers the ability to send primer pair sequences returned from a Primer-BLAST run to your Sequencher project.
  • Primer sequences sent to your Sequencher project from Sequencher Connections have colored bases and primer features applied to them.