Sequencher Server

What Mac Operating Systems will the latest Sequencher Servers run on?

Sequencher RLM Server will run on Mac OS 10.5.8 and higher.

Sequencher KeyServer will run on Mac OS 10.7 and higher, Intel only. 

What is Sequencher License Server? What is RLM?

RLM is a license management application available from Reprise Software.  The network version of Sequencher requires a Sequencher Server license file on the Sequencher Server computer with each client computer requiring a client license file in order for the License Server to serve licenses.

What is Sequencher License Server? What is KeyServer?

KeyServer is a license management application available from Sassafras Software. The network version of Sequencher includes a limited version of this software for managing Sequencher licenses on a network.

Sequencher licenses can be served over TCP/IP, AppleTalk, or IPX. Sequencher for Windows will work on a Novell Server network (although not on the Novell server itself), but the Macintosh version is not supported in this environment.

How should I choose a Sequencher License Server?

The network requires that you designate one computer as your server. The server may be any Macintosh or Windows based computer in your network, but it is best if it has a static IP address or DNS name and is left on at all times.

How do I get a client license in order to run Sequencher from a Sequencher Server (NW license)?

Contact your license administrator for help in getting a client license file.  Once you have a license file, launch Sequencher and, in the Sequencher License Manager dialog, select Activate Sequencher and then Install License, browse to the file, select it, and click on the Install button. Then, select Start Sequencher to use Sequencher right away or Quit.

How do I set up a Sequencher Server for Sequencher 5.2 and later versions?

You need to install the server software and license files.  See the Sequencher RLM and Sequencher KeyServer install guides at the following location:

If you would like help, please contact Gene Codes Technical Support.

Will KeyServer serve 5.2 licenses?

With Sequencher versions prior to 5.2, KeyServer will serve licenses.

With Sequencher versions 5.2-5.2.3, KeyServer is not supported.  Instead, licensing is managed by an RLM-based Sequencher Server using license files on the server computer itself and client license files on all computers running Sequencher.

With Sequencher version 5.2.4 and later, our latest Sequencher License Server will serve licenses with a KeyServer client license file installed on all client computers running Sequencher.